During the lifetime of every roof, there comes at time when it needs to be replaced.

Many factors determine when that exact time will be, including the initial roofing for the house, the maintenance during the life of the roof and the external weather conditions.

Look for any of these signs to see if your roof’s time has come:

What’s the age of the roof? The normal life of a roof is approximately 15 years depending upon the maintenance and materials. Usually after this time, there are leaks and torn flashings reported in any roof.

Replacing roof and shinglesAre there missing or torn shingles? If the number of missing tiles or shingles in a house are huge, then its best to replace the roof, rather than going in for a repair.

Are there water signs or other signs of moisture on interior walls that connect to the roof? The condition of the walls touching the roof is a clear indication that it’s time to call Elk River Exteriors and have your roof inspected.

Has your roof been exposed to extreme weather? If you’ve had a large hail storm or a lot of ice build-up, it’s a good idea to have the condition of your roof checked out. Another strong clue is several neighbors having their roofs replaced after a storm. Having your insurance adjuster do an assessment is almost always free of charge.

Roofing Suppliers: GAF/Elk, CertainTeed, A.H. Bennett

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