Advantages of James Hardie Siding

Is your vinyl siding cracking or your steel siding starting to rust? If so, consider installing fiber cement board from the highly-rated James Hardie brand. James Hardie has become a household name for durable home siding. Their fiber cement board has many advantages over traditional vinyl, wood, and other products. Let's take a look at some benefits so you can make an informed decision about your MN siding installation project.

Why Choose James Hardie Cement Board Siding?

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James Hardie Cement Board Siding, Elk River, MN

First off, James Hardie offers generous warranties with each of their products. Check out their website for more info on warranties and to see just how long their siding is designed to last. Specifically engineered for durability and weather resistance, the cement board should last far longer than a cheaper vinyl or wood siding. It requires only low yearly maintenance to keep it protecting your home. The James Hardie brand specifically has been created to far outlast certain types of vinyl, wood, and even steel in some cases. It should last a lifetime if well maintained.

Cement board siding is also moisture resistant, which means you won't have to worry about it rotting out like wood siding. If properly installed and sealed, it's one of the most effective ways to keep the underlying layers of your home protected. It is also incredibly durable and does not crack easily like a vinyl siding. If vinyl is chipped or cracked, it can leave gaps or holes that allow rain and weather to penetrate the outer layer of your home. When this happens, the underlying wood structure can be easily damaged. However, cement board siding is incredibly resilient and takes far more pressure or force to damage, making it a safer shell for your home.

Although termites are a concern for some types of siding, such as wood or composite materials, cement board is nearly impenetrable. After all, what type of insect wants to chew through cement? This attribute is very attractive to many homeowners who dread the thought of dealing with termites in their siding. Protecting the outside of your home is an extra precaution to help keep bugs and other critters out.

James Hardie cement board also does not bend or bow due to temperature fluctuations, which can happen with some types of vinyl. The material and rigidity allow the siding to handle changes in weather like a champ. Rather than seeing the waving or bulging lines across the side of your home after a heatwave, the cement board is strong and will stay put wherever it is installed. The cement does not expand or contract, leaving your home's appearance exactly as it was designed and installed.

James Hardie Contractors in MN

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