James Hardie cement board siding, Elk River, MN

Benefits of Using James Hardie Cement Board Siding

James Hardie is a leader in the cement board siding industry. The company's unique line of siding offers unmatched durability, style and value for your home. As certified siding contractors in Zimmerman and Elk River, MN, we know quality siding when we see it. If you haven't considered James Hardie products for your next remodel, it's time to take another look.

James Hardie cement board siding, Elk River, MN
James Hardie cement board siding, Elk River, MN

Durability. James Hardie siding, as well as some other brands of cement board, offers immense resilience against the weather. Many of their products are even warrantied for hail and intense wind. Unlike vinyl, cement board does not easily crack or become brittle. It also does not shrink or contract due to changes in temperature or weather, making it less prone to shifting or needing caulk replaced.

Weatherproof. James Hardie siding is weatherproof. The cement board is resistant to moisture, unlike wood which can absorb moisture and rot over time. Properly installed cement board will last a lifetime, and James Hardie knows this. They provide excellent warranties that reflect the quality of their products.

Noncombustible. Unlike vinyl or siding, James Hardie cement board does not burn or melt, making it a safer choice for your home. Some home insurance companies offer discounts on premiums if cement board siding is installed since it does not ignite like other siding options. Check with your insurance provider.

Versatility. James Hardie offers a wide selection of styles. You are not limited to choosing only a horizontal lap siding. James Hardie also offers board and batten, various style of shakes and shingle style siding, and many others. Some homeowners like to choose two or three different styles of siding to add accents to different features on their home. Since cement board is approximately 5 times thicker than vinyl, James Hardie is able to add deeper grooves for more detail and character of each piece of siding.

Curb appeal and home value. James Hardie is a respected company that provides quality products to homeowners. Their classic and upscale siding features add elegance to your home, while also increasing the likelihood of a quick sale if you are looking for a buyer. Home buyers know that cement board siding will last a long time with little maintenance, making it an attractive feature to prospective buyers.

James Hardie also offers a line of soffit, trim and fascia, making it easy to customize your home and add those special features. If you would like a home estimate or more information about how James Hardie cement board could benefit your home, give our Elk River Exteriors contractors a call at (763) 441-7240. We are certified siding installers in the Elk River and Zimmerman, MN, areas.

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