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Choosing Vinyl Siding for Your MN Home

Vinyl siding is available for your home in a variety of styles. Similar to fiber cement and wood, vinyl siding can be purchased as regular horizontal Dutch Lap or Clapboard, vertical panels or board and batten, shakes, scallops, log cabin style, or with beaded edges. With the variety of styles available, visual appeal is no reason to not choose vinyl siding.

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When designing your home’s exterior with vinyl, consider mixing a few different styles. Traditional horizontal siding is a good place to start, while board and batten or shakes can provide accents to sections of your home. Look at pictures of houses similar to yours and see what works best. Whether your home is craftsman, Victorian, bungalow, deco, modern, colonial, lakeshore, rustic, or a simple farmhouse surrounded by pasture, there is quality vinyl siding to suit your style.

One benefit to having vinyl is that it offers lower maintenance than wood siding. Vinyl is durable and handles moisture without a problem, whereas wood is more prone to rot and attract various types of insects and molds. Along with the lower cost of replacement, vinyl is a favorite for homeowners who love adding style to their home without breaking their budget. Learn more about our siding installation services.

Insulated Vs. Uninsulated

In recent years, insulated vinyl siding has found a place in the market. Traditionally, vinyl siding was uninsulated, making it simply a protection against weather and moisture and a way to finish the outside of the home. But the addition of insulation with some brands has given homeowners a new way to boost energy efficiency and save money on utilities.

Several brands offer insulated vinyl siding that has been shown to increase energy efficiency by up to 14%. Although there is slightly more cost involved with insulated siding, it can actually decrease energy bills over time. If your home has been struggling to handle the extreme Minnesota weather, insulated siding could be right for you.

Cost and energy efficiency are the main things to consider if choosing between insulated and uninsulated siding. But appearance is another factor as well. Uninsulated vinyl siding is thin and can sometimes show imperfections on the walls behind it. Nails that start to poke out from the underlying layers can show through, and as walls shift with age, seams and other bends also become more apparent.

Insulated siding, however, is thicker and offers much more in the way of padding that can hide imperfections and maintain a smoother appearance, which can also affect the value of your home over time. Consider the increased value of your home with insulated siding if you’re looking to sell in the near future. It’s a bonus for homeowners looking for energy efficiency and style.

For help in choosing the right supplier and style of vinyl siding, check out this article about siding materials and contact our team today. We are certified siding installation contractors in Zimmerman, MN. At Elk River Exteriors, we know the weather conditions and the best choices in siding for your home. We can help ensure your home is equipped with the best exterior at the best price. Call today to find out more and get a free estimate.

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