Energy-Efficiency Single- and Double-Hung Windows

Elk River homeowners choosing to upgrade to new energy-efficient single- or double-hung windows can enjoy the benefits of lower utility bills and increased curb appeal. Older windows can leave your home feeling drafty and hard to heat or cool. New replacement windows will help cut the draft and make your home nice and cozy or cool.

Energy-efficient single- and double-hung windows are great options for many homes and are some of the most popular window types for most homeowners. The tight locks and seals make them a great option for your Elk River, MN, home. Single- and double-hung windows are available in a variety of styles and grids to complement your space and budget.

You can also choose additional features, such as Low-E coating, Argon gas filling, and high-quality frame materials to increase energy efficiency. These options can increase the cost of your windows, but they make up the difference in your energy bills over time.

Single-Hung Replacement Windows

Single-hung windows have two window sashes. One of them is attached permanently to the top of the window frame while the bottom sash slides up and down on a track to allow the window to open. A lock connects the two panes to keep the window securely locked while closed.

Double-Hung Replacement Windows

Double-hung windows operate exactly like the single-hung window except that the top sash is not permanently fixed in place. Both sashes can move freely to slide up and down. This allows ventilation to be optimized for your space. Slide the top sash down from the top or slide the lower sash up for optimal ventilation. Some double-hung windows also allow the window sashes to lean into the room for easy cleaning on the exterior of the glass. This is a bonus for many homeowners who like low maintenance.
Single- and Double-Hung Replacement Windows, Elk River, MN

Single- and Double-Hung Replacement Windows, Elk River, MN

Energy-efficient Replacement Window Contractors

Single- and double-hung windows are an excellent choice for most homeowners desiring energy-efficient windows for their home. Our replacement window contractors can help you get the right windows for your home. We help you boost energy efficiency so you can truly enjoy your Elk River, MN, home. Don’t stress about all of the options available.

Our experienced window contractors in Elk River, MN, are here for you all year-round to get you the best in energy-efficient replacement windows. Give us a call at Elk River Exteriors (763) 441-7240. One of our experienced window installers will help you understand your style and budget options and help you get the right fit for your home.

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