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Replacement Siding Options for Your MN Home

There are many options to choose from when you replace your siding. Knowing what the different features are before starting the project will help you get the most out of your new siding installation. Our professional team of siding installers are here to help you understand the differences between siding manufacturers, such as James Hardie and Edco, and the material and style options available. With a wide array of suppliers, you are sure to find the siding that gives your home the look and protection you want.

Siding Material Optionssiding installation Ostego, MN

The biggest choice you will have early on is the type of siding material you want for your home. The most popular choice for lower budget remodels is vinyl siding. Vinyl has become increasingly more durable over the years and is a great low-cost option for many homeowners. The other two most popular materials are steel and fiber cement board. Both of these are considerably more durable and long-lasting than vinyl, especially for Minnesota homes, but they also cost a bit more. Fiber cement board siding, such as that from James Hardie, has a very elegant appeal and offers low maintenance. Depending on your budget, you will likely choose one of these three options for your home.

Style and Affordability

Once you have decided on a material to use, style and affordability are the next concern. Choosing a style, or even mixing different types of siding on different areas of your home, is how you really shape the overall look of your home. Many siding suppliers offer a range of styles from traditional Dutchlap to vertical, board and batten, shakes, or scallop details. Finding the right mix of elements for the style of you home is something our team of siding contractors and specialists help clients with every day.

Choosing Siding Colors

Colors are the finishing touch. Once you have the style in mind, the colors often flow naturally out from there. Whether you have chosen a craftsman, bungalow, farmhouse or country, Victorian, plantation, colonial, or simple suburban style, it’s time to choose the palette that complements those features. Some styles benefit from bold or earthy color schemes, while others are softer or monochromatic. Take some time to research and find examples of homes similar to yours and compare the colors you like. Make sure you consider your landscaping, stone or brick colors, and the type of contrast and accent you want. Some siding options come already colored, while others, such as cement fiber siding, will need to be painted.

Siding Installation in Ostego, MN

Siding is one of the more difficult projects for homeowners as it requires some specialized skill to accomplish properly. At Elk River Exteriors, our staff of trained siding installers and contractors are ready to help you get the job done right the first time. We can help you choose the right materials and get the right look for your home within your budget. Give us a call today at (763) 441-7240 and let us help you make your dream home a reality.

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