Shingle Roof Replacement, Elk River, MN

Shingle Roof Replacement in Elk River, MN

New shingle roofing is definitely a long-term investment. However, eventually the materials will wear out. Then it is time to decide whether repairs are sufficient to prolong the life of the roof, or whether the entire space will need to be replaced. Our roofing contractor team in Elk River, MN, strives to make the process easy for homeowners. Here are a few tips to consider when planning to replace the roof on your Minnesota home.

Shingle roof replacement in Elk River, MN

Materials used for roofing often vary according to the style of your home and when and where it was built. The most common materials used for MN roofing are asphalt shingles. These provide excellent waterproofing at a price that most homeowners can afford. Some styles and brands offer a wider range of colors and dimensional features that will fit any home. See our Roofing Services page for more information about out preferred suppliers.

Although shingles are the most popular roofing material across most of the United States, they will eventually wear out. The majority of brands warranty their products up to 20 or 50 years, depending on the provider you choose. Depending on the amount and severity of weather in your area, they may or may not last that long. At some point the shingle roofing will need to be replaced to ensure proper protection for the interior of your home and to prevent leaks.

How to recognize when shingles need to be replaced

Shingles will eventually wear out. The asphalt products do not always last as long as a metal or ceramic tile roof. However, they will still last a long time if properly maintained. Your shingles may over time begin to crumble or leave thin areas that begin to leak. The damage could be from hail and other debris, or simply from rain and weather over a long period of time. The shingles will be noticeably worn and thin in areas.

If this damage has occurred only in a certain area, perhaps due to tree branches falling on the roof and causing damage, then you may be able to simply repair the area with new shingles. However, if the damage is spread across the whole roof, you would be better off replacing the whole thing than trying to repair all of the small areas. If you are not sure if your roof is ready to replace, contact our experienced roofing contractors today at (763) 441-7240.

Benefits of shingle roof replacements

Replacing your roof after the shingles have worn down or become damaged can have several benefits:

  • Ensures weatherproofing and proper sealing for your home
  • Increases and maintains the value of your MN home
  • Boosts curb appeal and can help if you are trying to sell

Properly caring for and updating your home will ensure structural integrity and helps prevent unnecessary damage from weather. Keeping your roof sealed and waterproofed is the first defense against weather. If you also plan to redo the siding on your home, be sure to select shingles that will match the rest of the new exterior. We also install siding and gutter. For help in choosing styles and materials for your MN roof and siding project, contact Elk River Exteriors at (763) 441-7240.

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