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Warranties are another consideration when choosing a supplier for your Monticello, MN, home siding installation. We recommend several manufacturers due to their excellent warranties. James Hardie, Edco, Variform, Certainteed and LP Smartside are a few of the companies we recommend. Different suppliers and materials offer warranty protection for color fading, chipping and cracking, hail damage, termite damage, manufacturer defects that lead to deterioration and rust.

We will look at a few features these companies provide in their warranties, but it is also important that you contact the suppliers for more information about the warranties for the specific products you are interested in. Most warranties are also dependent on proper care, handling and maintenance of your siding. See the manufacturers’ sites for more details.

James Hardie Cement Fiber Board Siding

James Hardie cement fiber board siding is known for its quality and durability. The company offers a 30-year warranty that can be transferred once to a second owner. This warranty guarantees resistance to hail and termite damage. James Hardie backs up this warranty by, in its discretion, repairing or replacing the defective sections of siding, or reimbursing up to two times the value of the material. Check their website to see how they cover your Monticello, MN, home.

Edco Steel Siding

Edco supplies high quality steel siding in a variety of styles for residential homes. Their 35-year warranty covers manufacturers defects that result in chipping, cracking, peeling, perforation, and deterioration of the metal. Damage that occurs within the first three years after installation will be repaired or replaced by Edco at no cost to the homeowner. After three years, they have small fees of $100 or $200 per incident to cover costs of repair or replacement. Find out more about transfer of warranty and proration at their website.

Variform Vinyl Siding

Variform by Plygem offers a range of vinyl sidings with lifetime warranties. This means that as long as you live in the home, the Variform siding is covered until you sell the home. The warranty is transferable to a second owner and will cover the siding up to 50 years after installation. Covered under the warranty are manufacturing defects that lead to blisters, flakes and peeling, uneven weathering and excessive color fading. Variform’s vinyl siding has a limited hail damage warranty, which means your insurance may first be liable to cover the damage of hail to your siding. Get more details at their website.

Certainteed Vinyl Siding

Certainteed warranties its vinyl siding for 50 years at 100% for the original owner of the home on which the siding is installed. Subsequent owners receive a prorated warranty that decreases at different increments throughout the 50 years. Percentage of coverage decreases from 100% for the first 5 years down to 10% after the first 14 years since installation. Please see the company’s website for information in case rates have changed. Hail damage coverage is limited and depends on your insurance coverage and contributions. Contact them to find out how their warranty covers your Monticello, MN, home.

LP Smartside Engineered Wood Siding

LP Smartside’s engineered wood siding products provide durability and style. The company offers a 50-year warranty to the original owner of the installed siding and to the next owner that purchases the home. Under the warranty, the company covers fungal degradation, buckling, cracking, peeling and flaking. The warranty is good as long as the product is handled, cared for and installed according to their specifications. Limited hail damage is also covered depending on size of damage and size of hail. Termite damage is not covered. Get more information at the company’s website.

Siding Installation in Zimmerman, MN

Elk River Exteriors is based in Zimmerman, MN, and offers a wide range of exterior remodeling services, such as siding installation, roofing and shingles, window replacements, gutter repair, and deck construction. Contact us for a free quote.

This guide is meant to be a helpful starting place for you to begin comparing product warranties while choosing a manufacturer and does not replace or guarantee warranties offered by siding manufacturers. Manufacturers may change their warranties without notifying us, and therefore you will need to research on your own to determine current coverage for the products you are interested in purchasing. Links are provided to help you search and compare warranties directly with the siding manufacturers.

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