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Siding Durability: Why It Matters

siding installation Zimmerman, MN
Durability is one of the most important factors to consider when replacing your siding. It can mean the difference between remodeling again in 10 or 25 years.

New siding can be expensive. To hire a siding contractor to do your whole house can cost thousands of dollars. Homeowners often wonder if they are making the right investment in their choice of siding. One way to make sure you are making the right investment is to consider the durability of the material you are choosing.

Durability is the strength and long-lasting quality of a material. It ensures that your home is protected for years to come. Although the most durable siding brands and materials can be a little more expensive upfront, they are often accompanied by better warranties, long-term guarantees, low maintenance and less repairs. Many homeowners prefer durable siding because it means they won’t have to replace or make repairs as often.

Cheaper siding is often prone to crack, peel, chip or fade, while the sturdy varieties are built to last. The most recommended materials are cement board, steel, and certain brands of vinyl siding. Although these vary in price and durability, several brands we recommend are James Hardie, Edco, Certainteed, and LP Smartside (see our list of recommended suppliers). These all have durable products that are backed up with warranties.

A warranty can also be a good indicator of the durability of a product. Anything warrantied for less than fifteen years would be assumed to be cheaper than anything with a lifetime warranty. Be sure to check and see how many years are rated for your choice of siding before purchasing. Consider the short-term cost you are paying upfront for the lifetime of your home’s exterior.

siding installation Zimmerman, MN
Cement board is a smart choice when it comes to durability and increased value for your home.

More durable siding often means you can go much longer before having to replace or update again, and it also means less worry against the harsh Minnesota winters. Materials such as cement board and steel hold up very well to wind and hail as compared to some of the less expensive vinyl counterparts. They also are not easily affected by moisture, such as with a wood siding.

Also check out online reviews that people have shared about the companies and products you are considering. See what other people have experienced with the products and whether or not they recommend them. If you see the type of siding you are looking for on your neighbor’s home, stop and ask them how they like it. See how long they have had it and if there have been any issues. Other peoples’ experience can be a good indicator on whether it is a good product.

And, of course, like anything, proper installation is key to ensuring that your siding products reach the full potential of their lifespan. You could purchase the most expensive siding in the world only to deal with leaks and rot if it isn’t installed properly. Leaky siding can quickly add up to more than its worth through damage to underlying layers of your home.

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