Siding Style Guide: Monticello, MN, Homes

Choosing a color of siding for your home may seem a little overwhelming. Although cement board can always be repainted, the color of steel or vinyl siding will be permanent as long as you have the siding. Whether you are repainting older wood or cement board siding or choosing new siding installation colors, a few considerations will help you create the best palette for the siding installation on your Monticello, MN, home.

1. Consider your home’s structural style
Siding color palettes can often be at least narrowed down by the style of your home. Whether you have a Victorian home, beach bungalow, secluded cabin, farmhouse, townhome, Mediterranean style, craftsman, country, ranch style or French home, your primary siding color choice should complement your roofing, stone and other home features.

It may help to look at pictures of homes similar to yours. If your home is Victorian, do an Internet search for photos of other Victorian homes. See which color palettes you like best from the examples, and which of those colors will work with the other colors you already have, such as with your landscaping, stone, brick or shingles. Some home styles can support a bolder palette, while others benefit from softer, earthy, breezy, or neutral tones.

2. Choose the main color
Once you’ve looked at examples and obtained paint or siding samples, take them home and think about where those colors would be on your home. See how the samples look in various types of light throughout the day. Compare them with the stone, shingles, and other features you already have. Consider how warm or cool the tones are on the samples and how they fit with the style you have and the type of palette you’re trying to achieve.

3. Choose the secondary and trim colors
No matter what type of palette you choose, it’s nice to have a little contrast. Whether you choose a softer, more mellow look, or a set of bold tones, consider adding a splash of color to your shutters or a certain area of your home. It will add some interest and give you some direction for landscaping as well. Too much of a good thing can be a little messy, so try to limit your palette to three colors and textures to ensure the home’s appearance doesn’t become too busy. Also consider using pre-made palettes that match your stone and shingles.

If your Monticello, MN, siding installation or exterior remodeling is overwhelming with so many options, contact us today. We offer a free siding installation estimate and expert help for your situation.

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