Why to Choose Steel Siding for Your MN Home

Steel siding is incredibly versatile and durable. It’s used widely on residential homes throughout Monticello, Minnesota, and the rest of the United States. Many homeowners choose steel siding for how well it holds up to harsh wind and hail. Vinyl will crack, cement board may chip or lose paint, but steel is made to withstand the harshest weather possible in Minnesota.

Commonly used on pole barns, farmhouses and industrial facilities, steel siding is also engineered for style and beauty necessary for residential properties. At a mid-range cost, steel siding is a solid investment for your home and will last a long time. When you’re looking for new replacement siding, consider steel as a long-term investment.

Although eventually it can give way to rust, there are a number of ways to help prevent this from happening and to maximize the life of your steel siding. Proper installation is key with any type of siding. When joints aren’t properly sealed, it can lead to rust around the edges of the steel, as well as to damage on the layers of your structure beneath the siding. Our experienced siding installers in Monticello, MN, are capable of providing the best quality workmanship to ensure your investment lasts a lifetime.

Understanding the benefits of steel siding can help you make the best decision of which type of siding material to purchase. Not only is it affordable, but it’s highly durable, often comes with a lifetime warranty depending on the supplier, is low maintenance and also provides visual appeal for your home.

Steel siding comes in a variety of styles, much like any vinyl, wood, or cement board option. You are not limited to simple lap or dutchlap. Many brands also offer a variety of features with vertical siding and shakes. You can mix and match a few styles or colors to accentuate different areas of your home. It can also look nice with your existing stone or brick features. Our professional siding contractors can help you decide which styles might look best with the kind of home you have.

Repainting might be necessary at some point in the future. As with any type of siding, the color on your steel siding can fade over time. The siding doesn’t need to be replaced when it loses color. It can simply be refinished, similar to the process with a wood or cement board siding. You can choose to repaint with similar colors or to try new ones. Either way, your steel is durable and can last a long time if it’s taken care of properly.

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