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Fiber Cement Siding Contractors Elk River, MN

Fiber cement siding is a common choice for many homeowners looking for siding installation in Elk River, MN. Not only is it one of the most durable types of replacement siding available, but it also adds unbeatable style to almost any type of home. At Elk River Exteriors, our MN siding contractors recommend this type of siding to anyone looking for low maintenance design and durability. In this blog, we are going to look at some of the pros and cons of cement board siding and see if it might be the right fit for your home.

What Is Fiber Cement Board?

Fiber cement board siding is made of cement, sand, water, and unique cellulose fibers. Some manufacturers also include certain additives for better performance. This combination of ingredients creates a strong cement siding that is highly resilient to weather, bugs, fire, and other natural elements. The durability is one reason many homeowners choose this type of siding, and also why our experienced MN siding contractors recommend the products.

What Are the Pros of Cement Board Siding Installation?

Fiber cement board siding is durable, as we’ve said before. But it also is highly warrantied. Manufacturers, such as James Hardie, know that their products are of excellent quality. They know they won’t quickly or easily wear out. Some companies even back up their cement board products with lifetime warranties.

Style is another benefit for choosing cement board siding products. You can outfit your home in a variety of looks, such as board and batten, vertical or horizontal siding, scallops or shingles, and many other new designs. There is no limit to what you can design or choose for your home. If the options sound more overwhelming than welcoming, don’t worry. Our team of siding contractors can help you choose the right look, colors, and materials for your style of home. We’ve got you covered.

Cement board is also resistant to fire damage, unlike vinyl which will not only melt but is also flammable. Some insurance companies may also reduce rates if you have cement board siding as less damage will typically spread or occur with the cement board (be sure to check with your insurance company specifically).

Another concern for homes is water damage. Vinyl can crack much more easily than the cement board, which can open your home to moisture and rot in cracked areas. Cement board siding is highly durable and when it’s installed correctly will provide immense water resistance to your home. Wood siding can rot over time but cement board siding will not.

Cons for Cement Board Siding Installation

A few of the drawbacks to purchasing cement board would be cost and level of expertise needed to install and seal the siding. Cement board siding is generally more expensive than vinyl siding due to the manufacturing process, durability, and other factors. It is also heavier and requires special tools and expertise in order to install it.

Overall, the cost of labor and materials will be higher than vinyl for sure, and potentially higher than steel depending on the options you choose for either. But, the cement board has a lot of pros for homeowners, including long-lasting durability. This, for many homeowners, makes the upfront investment worth it in the long run.

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