The Pros and Cons of Choosing Steel Siding for Your MN Home

At Elk River Exteriors, we take pride in helping you get the best home exteriors at affordable prices. One way to do that is through steel siding. Although some people may think of metal pole barns or commercial buildings when they hear the term "steel siding," residential steel siding is actually incredibly elegant and versatile. Not to mention highly durable and a great long-term investment.

Steel Siding Installation, Elk River, MN
Steel Siding Installation, Elk River, MN

One reason our MN siding contractor team loves steel siding is that is doesn't rot or chip like wood or vinyl siding. Many brands even have extensive warranties that cover hail damage. They are trustworthy products due to the strength of the steel material being used. Although it may cost you a little more than a less expensive vinyl siding installation, steel siding will last a long time and provide excellent coverage for your home if it is installed properly.

Steel siding provides incredible quality and style, especially with well-known brands like Edco. Homeowners can choose from lap, dutchlap, vertical and shake styles in a wide array of colors. Other options include choosing between wood grain, smooth or more defined textures. You are sure to find just the right fit and style for your home.

Some steel siding providers also provide a selection of matching soffit, trim and fascia options. This ensures you get a complete style upgrade for your home with matching durable products. Whether you need just a few updates or a whole exterior makeover, our experienced MN siding installation team can help you get the style and durability you need at the right price.

Proper installation is important for ensuring your steel siding does not allow water and other issues to invade the underlying layers of your home. Steel siding is immensely durable, but requires some care and training for the best result. Our team of siding installation specialists at Elk River Exteriors can ensure you get the most bang for your buck with steel siding.

One of the drawbacks to steel siding is that it can develop small bits of rust over time. Consistent maintenance can help avoid it as much as possible, as well as periodic repainting to help protect the finish. Depending on the brand of siding and type of paint you are using, the frequency of repainting will vary. Check on the manufacturer's website or find out how long your paint is rated to last. You can factor this into the cost of maintenance over the long-term. Most steel siding is rated to last at least 50 years or more with proper maintenance.

Our team at Elk River Exteriors is passionate about helping you get exactly what you need out of an exterior remodel while also sticking within your target budget. Call our experienced MN siding contractor team at (763) 441-7240 today.

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