Gutter Maintenance for Minnesota Homes

Proper maintenance on your Minnesota home gutters can help keep your foundation, roof, driveway, landscaping and soffit in the best shape possible. Gutters that are left to fill up with dirt and debris will eventually clog and spill over onto soffit, your siding installation, and the landscaping below. This can cause problems when water pools up next to your foundation, often resulting in water seeping into your basement or crawl space. A few preventative measures can help keep your gutters functioning properly and protect your home from the elements.

Leaky gutters can alert you to issues that need to be dealt with. Periodic cleaning can prevent debris from building up or trapping water in your drainage system. If debris does accumulate, it will keep water from flowing properly and lead to leaky joints, sagging under the weight of trapped material, and overflowing during heavy rains. Use a ladder to carefully reach the gutter and gently scoop out leaves, moss, nuts and dirt, and use a hose to gently wash out residue.

Gutter guards can be a smart way to save you some work when cleaning. They are essentially a plastic or aluminum screen that is placed over the top of your gutter to keep debris from falling into it. The design allows the water to flow down into the gutter, but it blocks the debris so it can easily be wiped off instead of having to reach down into the gutter itself. Ask us about gutter guards for your Monticello, MN, home.

As gutters fill up with debris and sag over time, the weight can cause them not only to sag, but also to pull away from the siding. If the gutter doesn’t fall and cause further damage to siding, doors, windows or landscaping, it can hang loosely, posing a danger to anyone walking below. Periodically checking for loose gutter will help you maintain the other aspects of your home’s exterior.

Periodically checking around your home for damage to the gutter can also be a great way to spot problems before they form. Hail, high winds, the weight of heavy snow and leaves from nearby trees can all cause damage to your gutter. Broken, bent, or full gutters are best taken care of right after the damage occurs. If left undone, the things that seem like small issues can cause further damage to other parts of your home’s exterior. Staying on top of small damage can help keep bigger issues from developing and save you time and money in the long run.

Since joints can loosen over time and cause leaking, seamless gutters are a great choice. Elk River Exteriors uses the best materials in seamless gutter to ensure you have a drainage system that doesn’t have leaky joints and is easy to take care of. Contact us to see how we can get you the best in low maintenance gutter.

Like any other part of your home’s exterior, a little time and care with your gutter can keep it performing properly and protecting your home from the elements. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of our seamless gutter installation and start protecting your home from Minnesota weather. If you have experienced recent storm damage, also contact us about siding installation for your Monticello home.

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