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Window Replacement in Big Lake, MN

There are many benefits to upgrading your home’s windows. Whether you are noticing drafts or condensation, or simply feeling the weight of increased heating and cooling bills, new replacement windows can help. Elk River Exteriors provides homeowners with high-quality energy-efficient windows in Big Lake, Elk River, and surrounding areas. Choose from a wide range of window options to complement your home and budget.

siding installation Big Lake, MN

Window Replacement Contractors in Big Lake, MN

Our experienced team of window replacement contractors is to help with all of your exterior home remodeling needs. We not only provide siding and roofing installation services but also install replacement windows and decks. Working with our team means you get a combination of high-quality windows and workmanship along with excellence in customer service. We can help you get the best windows for your budget while also matching the style of your home.

Replacement Window Styles

When upgrading your windows, it’s important to choose the style you want for your home. We offer a range of window styles to complement the look of your home. Choose from the window types below and feel free to ask about which ones are available in the sizes you need.

Single- and Double-Hung Window Installation. Single-hung windows have a stationary window sash at the top with a second sash at the bottom that slides up to open. The double-hung replacement window allows both the top and bottom sashes to slide up or down. This allows you to get just the right ventilation you need and these are the most popular type of window we install due to their functionality.

Picture Window Installation. Picture windows are popular choices for areas in the home where style and view are more important than the ability to ventilate. This type of window has a stationary pane of glass that does not open. It is available with or without grids to give you the look you need.

Casement Window Installation. Casement windows are the type that has one or two windows that are fixed to the frame with hinges and swing out from the wall of your house. Some varieties use cranks to push the windows open while others are fixed only by hinges. These offer excellent ventilation and style.

Slider Window Installation. Slider windows have two or more window sashes that slide horizontally in their track. These allow ventilation and are frequently used in kitchens and other areas of the home.

Bay and Bow Window Installation. Bay and bow windows provide a wide viewing area and added light to any room. Typically composed of three to seven windows connected at the frame, these types of windows bump out of the exterior wall in an arc or box shape. Most common in living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms, these windows provide a strong sense of design to any room.

Whether you need just one window replaced or a whole houseful, call our team at (763) 441-7240 today to find just the right fit for your Big Lake MN home. Our window contractors are here to help!


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