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Weather Resistant Siding for Otsego, MN, Homes

Whether you live in Otsego, MN, or surrounding areas, chances are good you are familiar with the wicked winters and the need for durable siding and roofing. A sturdy home exterior not only keeps out moisture that can rot the underlying structure of your home, but it also helps keep out some of the drafts and leaks that raise utility bills.

For a durable home exterior remodel, the right siding material can make a big difference. Understanding the options for each material type is a good starting place to help you begin comparing siding brands and then choosing a qualified Otsego, MN, siding contractor. Let’s compare the main types of siding.

Vinyl Siding Durability

Vinyl siding is by far one of the more popular options for general siding. The materials used have improved greatly over the years and suppliers have boosted the quality to meet the growing demand for quality, low-cost options. Vinyl has its flaws, such as the tendency to chip or crack under hail and severe weather. Although on average, vinyl siding is not as durable as some other types of siding materials, it is a good start for many homeowners who are looking more at a lower-cost short-term investment.

Steel Siding Durability

Steel siding on average costs a bit more than vinyl, but is more weather resistant in the long run. The metal does not chip or crack like vinyl, allowing it to hold up better under hail and harsh conditions. Although it may dent under severe hail, it typically is a better option for the long term than vinyl. Rust can be an issue if not maintained properly. Good paint can help seal and prevent rust for longer periods of time and help protect your investment.

Cement Board Siding Durability

James Hardie Cement Board Siding and Trim
James Hardie Cement Board Siding and Trim

Cement board siding is one of the more expensive and labor-intensive options, but also one of the more durable and weather resistant siding materials. If installed and sealed properly, it prevents leaks and drafts, does not crack like vinyl and does not rust like steel siding. Cement board siding is one of the best long-term investments and many brands supply a lifetime warranty if maintained properly.

Proper Maintenance for Siding Durability

Choosing the right material and installing it properly is the first step to long-term weather resistance and durability. After that, ongoing maintenance is essential to ensuring your siding does everything it can to protect your home from leaks and drafts. Depending on the type of material you are using, that maintenance may look different. Caulking, painting, periodic power washing, and checking for chips and cracks may be advised. Check with your siding contractor, as well as the supplier, to find out what is recommended for your new siding installation.

The right siding choice often comes down to a balance between durability, maintenance, pricing, and style options. Let our experienced MN siding contractor team assist you in getting the best options for your budget. Call Elk River Exteriors at (763) 441-7240 to put the best Otsego, MN, siding contractors to work for you.

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